How to Avoid Toxins in your Daily Routine

Even though most people are becoming much more conscious about eating organic, avoiding harmful chemicals, and generally making healthier choices, without realizing it we are exposed to a barrage of harmful toxins on a daily basis. More than 3000 chemicals are added to our food supply in North America with another 10,000 chemicals added in the processing, packaging, and preserving process. And even for those that are making an effort to avoid daily toxins, an average of 400-800 different chemical residues were found stored in our fat cells (1,2).

Think of your daily morning routine for a moment.

avoid daily toxins

The average person will sleep in bedding washed with laundry detergents containing toxins. Wake up and use soaps and shampoos containing additives, surfactants (SLS/SLES) and other irritants. Unknowingly add a handful more of toxins when applying make up that will be absorbed through your skin all day. From there, possibly you spend time on your commute breathing exhaust and automobile fumes. At work, are there any cleaning or industrial chemicals that you come into contact with? Perhaps after a long day you light a scented candle to relax, unknowingly releasing carcinogenic chemicals throughout your home. (more…)