8 Ways to Keep Our THYROID Happy

MP900399287The thyroid is a very important organ in our bodies. It is a butterfly shaped gland positioned at the front of our neck, just below the center. Here, it regulates our metabolism by releasing hormones. When the thyroid operates at a less than optimal state, we can experience symptoms such as tiredness, weight gain, headaches, constipation and muscle tightness.

Two of the currently most common thyroid disorders are hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid that produces excess hormones and hypothyroidism, which is an under-active thyroid that produces abnormally low amounts of hormones. Each condition can present it’s own set of difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight, general health and overall vitality.

Here are some simple steps to improve or optimize thyroid function:

  1. Reflexology: By using reflexology, we can support the body and the thyroid to aid in maintaining overall health and supporting the healing process if there are any disorders present. When using reflexology to aid in healing the thyroid, we can work with not only the thyroid points but the adrenal gland and kidney points as well. Doing so will provide support to the thyroid as we help boost kidney and adrenal function as well as the proper functioning of these three organs is of the utmost importance when dealing with hormonal health. Stimulating these points can jumpstart the body’s inherent ability to heal and balance itself and with the benefits of adding a proper diet and lifestyle, you can positively impact the health of your thyroid.
  2. Reducing Stress: We all know how bad stress can be for our health, however when it comes to balancing hormones, stress can be your worst enemy. Balancing stress and taking care of yourself is critical when dealing with hormonal health. Getting enough rest and keeping a balanced work schedule is essential to keep stress levels at a minimum. With less stress your thyroid will be less stressed too!
  3. Get enough sleep! During sleep our bodies go into full repair mode and this helps us to restore and rejuvenate at a cellular level. Don’t overlook this step which can be one of the most important.
  4. Add Brazil Nuts to your diet. They are rich in selenium and great for thyroid health!
  5. Consume Iodine-rich foods such as sea vegetables. Take note that you want to get these foods from good sources that are tested for heavy metals and other toxins.
  6. Eat a diet containing a variety of preferably, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables.abstract-1238248_960_720
  7. Add healthy fats to your diet through eating foods like avocados, coconut oil, olives and omega-3 rich fatty acids found in wild caught salmon and sardines.
  8. Use essential oils: Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Clove, Myrrh and Frankincense to support the thyroid. These oils provide support for inflammation present in the body which is common with thyroid disorders. They also support the body with an imbalance such as an overactive or under-active thyroid. Also, Lavender and Clary Sage can be a great choice with stress and tension in general!

To use the oils, it’s a great idea to mix them with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. You can apply this blend to your feet 2-3 times a day but some like to apply the blend directly to the skin area of the neck where the thyroid is. Since some of these oils are “warm” oils, I would make sure to dilute well and apply to the feet if you have sensitive skin.  Here are some ideas for Thyroid blends:

  • Use 1 drop of Frankincense oil, 1 drop Lemongrass oil and 1 drop Clove oil. Next, add the oils to a few drops of a carrier oil such as coconut oil. You can then rub the blend directly on the thyroid or to the feet.
  • Another great blend is 2 drops of Lemongrass essential oil and 2 drops of Myrrh oil. Blend the two oils along with a few drops of a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Then, apply the blend directly to the thyroid area and including the reflexology points on the feet near the big toes, and on the wrists. You can do this 2-3 times per day.
  • Take a soothing bath using 5 drops of each of the following oils, Clary Sage and Lavender.
  • To give yourself an energy boost, try diluting a combination of 1-2 drops of Peppermint and 1-2 drops of Citrus oils, such as Lemon or Grapefruit. Apply topically to the feet or enjoy them aromatically by putting them in a diffuser.
  • To support your mood use Wild Orange, Frankincense and Lavender oil by putting 1 drop of each on your temples and the back of your neck. Note that some citrus oils can make skin sensitive to the sun if there is exposure to sunlight or sun-bed radiation following skin applications…. so if you are going out in the sun, skip the citrus oil or stick with diffusing the oils instead by adding 3 drops of Wild Orange , 2 drops of Frankincense and 2 drops of Lavender to your diffuser.

I personally like to make a batch to last me so I  add the oils in a glass roller bottle and top it off with fractionated coconut oil so the roller bottle is ready for easy use. To get the full recipe for using the oils in a roller bottle leave a comment below or email: oils@DrDoraida.com

Finally, remember that maintaining healthy thyroid function is so important when looking at our overall health. Achieving proper Thyroid health can reduce fatigue, stomach disturbances, muscle tightness, constipation and lead to an overall vital state of health. Using reflexology, essential oils, lifestyle and dietary changes we can help to bring the body, and our thyroid, back into optimal health.



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