3 Steps to a Healthy Gut

Gut health?  What is this microbiome?  Your microbiome is what can help or hurt your weight loss efforts, boost or bust your immune system, or can make digesting your lunch a pleasant or painful experience.  Humans host trillions of tiny bacteria, viruses, fungi and other thriving microbes all over our bodies.  You’ll find these on your skin, inside your mouth, and mostly in your large intestine.

Yes this is a good thing!

Healthy Gut

Our bodies need thriving colonies of these good bacteria to reach our optimal health.  We know that a healthy gut, also called your microbiome, can influence much more than just digestion. It greatly affects the immune system, autoimmunity, obesity, allergies, asthma and even anxiety, depression and moods (1,2).  In fact, 80% of your immune system is in your gut, so let’s make sure our gut health is up to par!

How can I improve my gut health and microbiome? (more…)