Relax and Restore with Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Ready to add an easy yoga pose that is beyond rejuvenating? Legs-Up-the-Wall it is! You can use various props and modifications in this pose but I will stick with the basic. I’d be happy to provide more information or details for those interested, leave a comment or email me. This pose has many health benefits but I will list 7 here:

1. Lymphatic drainage of the lower extremities, reducing edema or swelling in the feet and legs.

2.Boosts blood flow toward the upper body nourishing very important organs such as the brain

4.May help to regulate blood pressure

5.Calming and Relaxing to the Mind

6.Can help alleviate headaches

7.Wonderful for relieving menstrual cramps

Start by sitting sideways with your shoulder, and hip against the wall, exhale and turn your torso towards the wall as you swing your legs up onto the wall in one motion lowering your shoulders, head and back onto the floor. Let your legs and thighs come flush against the wall as you keep your legs completely vertical against the wall. You may need to shift side-side and scoot your buttocks to get flush or as close to the wall as possible. Let your arms rest at your sides with palms facing up. Invite your eyes to close and begin to relax into the pose. Let your shoulders, hips and lower back release any tension. You can stay in this pose up to 20 minutes but for beginners start with less time and make sure you have clearance from your Doctor especially if you have glaucoma or other eye problems, serious back or neck injuries or for women during menses or pregnancy. This pose is meant to feel good! If you experience any discomfort or  feel prickling or numbness in your legs, come out of the pose slowly. When you are ready to come out of the pose, bend your knees as you slide your feet down and bring the bottom of your feet together. Rest here for a minute or when you are ready slowly bring your knees together and turn on your side. Use your hands to press yourself up slowly into a seated position.