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ABOUT Dr. Doraida


Dr. Doraida is a Dentist with a specialty in Orthodontics.

She has taken numerous nutrition classes throughout her career and is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.

Doraida loves to teach and share her passion for healthy eating. She believes in bio-individuality and that “no one diet fits all”.

Doraida is also a Yoga instructor, her yoga teaching style is soothing, nurturing and relaxing.

You can expect a gentle modified yoga class with the use of props specifically for those suffering from back problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and stress.

In her unique approach, she integrates the benefits of nutrition with yoga, essential oils and many other holistic health modalities to strengthen the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Personal Info

  •   Florida


Here are some of the stories of people inspired by Dr. Doraida to change their life.
During the two months that I spent with Dr. Doraida I was able to see a significant change in my health and well being. Not only is Dr. Doraida knowledgeable but she is also an amazing listener during consultation appointments. She was able to listen to my needs and customize a health plan that dramatically changed my eating, exercise, and sleeping habits. I highly recommend Dr. Doraida to anyone that is looking to significantly improve their well being and ultimately achieve a positive life change. Thank you Dr. Doraida, you have changed my life!

Nyrka Riskin

I discovered Dr. Doraida after having seen over a dozen doctors in both the Boston area and Florida. It was refreshing to meet somebody that was taking the time to listen carefully and was ready to work with me to create a plan that approached my health concerns through wellness and nutrition. Dr. Doraida guided me through a delicate balance of her recommendations and what the doctors I was seeing were ordering. Because of her medical background she helped me speak with the doctors about which specific tests I should be getting... read more

Jacquie Villa

At a time in my life when I was having severe health issues, I contacted Dr. Doraida and found her vast knowledge of nutrition to be extremely valuable in planning and cooking healthy meals. She was also very helpful in advising me on ways to alleviate stress from my life. Dr. Doraida was both encouraging and supportive in helping me implement these positive changes in my everyday life.

Myra J. White


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